Index of marriages from the German Baptist Brethren Church newspapers

from 1852-1883


There were 1604 marriages notices that were printed in the newspapers from 1853 to 1883

Brethren Advocate (1879-1882) - 20 notices (BA)

Brethren at Work (1875-1883) - 285 notices  (BAW)

 Christian Family Companion (1864-1875) - 457 notices (CFC)

Gospel Preacher (1879 -1882) - 102 notices (GP)

Gospel Visitor (1852-1873) - 11 notices (GV)

Pilgrim (1870-1876) - 281 notices (P)

Primitive Christian (1867-1883) - 517 notices (PrC)

Progressive Christian (1878 - 1882)  - 44 notices (PgC)


There are many issues that were missing for the Gospel Preacher and Progressive Christian newspapers.

The images of above newspapers is now on line at

Most of the notices are very short one or two lines. Here is are two explain.


On the 3rd of January by Elder C. G. Lint, brother SIMON MILLER of Black Hawk Branch, Iowa, to sister LYDIA FIKE, of Elklick Branch, Somerset Co. Pa.


By the undersigned, on the evening of 29th, of January, 1871, at the home of the bride's father, Brother Abram Angus, Mr. GEORGE A. SHAFFER and Miss SARAH JANE ANGUS, all of Cambria Co., PA.        Stephen Hidebrand

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